Acid Washed
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Acid Washed & STUFF – Move On – Official

La Mverte – Crash Course (Acid Washed Remix) ***PREVIEW***

Miss Kittin – Cosmic Love Radiation (Acid Washed & La Mverte Remix)

Plastique De Rêve – Chinese Toy (Acid Washed Remix)

House Of Melancholy Record Makers

Produced by Joakim and featuring Miss Kittin, Yan Wagner, Ahmad Larnes, Turzi and more.

“Fire N’ Rain” featuring Blaq Shampu



23.02.2013 – LeNouveau Casino/ Présentation du Live, Paris (FR)
09.03.2013 – Le Black Weekend, Marseilles (FR)
12.04.2013 – Wanderlust, Paris (FR)
13.04.2013 – Recyclart, Bruxelles (NL)
10.05.2013 – Nuits Sonores, Paris (FR)
18.05.2013 – Social Club, Paris (FR)
08.06.2013 – EDM Festival, Copenhague (DK)
19.06.2013 – La Bellevilloise, Paris (FR)
10.08.2013 – Andrew Claristidge DJ set @ Kong, Munich (GER)
21.09.2013 – Jour & Nuit Festival, Grenoble (FR)
05.10.2013 – Trust De Buzz, Lille (FR)
18.10.2013 – Amsterdam Dance Event, Amsterdam (NL)
11.11.2013 – La Route du Son, Billère (FR)


21.01.14 – Berlin Secret Location (DE)
01.03.14 – Solyanka Club, Moskow tbc (RU)
15.03.14 – Nouveau Casino, Paris (FR)
31.03.14 – Gare club, Porto tbc (PT)
02.05.14 – La Java, Paris (FR)


March 2014 BEATPORT

01. Affie Yusuf “Guantanamo Rave (Original Mix)” (Killekill House Trax)
02. La Mverte “Through the Circles (Original Mix)” (Her Majesty’s Ship)
03. Danton Eeprom “FemDom (Original Mix)” (InFine)
04. Tambien “Drogato (Original Mix)” (ESP Institute)
05. Zombies In Miami “This Is Not The End (Capablanca Remix)” (Capablanca)
06. Plastique de Reve “I Know a Secret (Original Mix)” (Emerald & Doreen Records)
07. Stuff “Working Time (Original Mix)” (CUFF Deep House)
08. Downtown Party Network “In the Air (Original Mix)” (Dirt Crew Recordings)
09. Joakim “EAHR (Original Mix)” (Phonica Recordings)
10. Dopplereffekt “Tetrahymena (Original Mix)” (Leisure System)


Did you know ? Voguing, which gained mainstream exposure through Malcolm McLaren or Madonna, owes a little of its fortune to France : since the late eighties, this underground movement born in the Harlem ballroom scene fascinated the very first missionaries of house music à la française, whether they’d be DJs, journalists or promoters. Around the world, most of the wonderful Queens of Vogue had a break through with their performances in music videos on MTV, but nowhere else other than in Paris did we take this New-­‐York gay and multicultural counter-­‐culture so seriously. It didn’t caught the attention of young producers nor rub off on the pavement of any other city. Therefore, it is without surprise that with their upcoming album « House of Melancholy », Acid Washed, a duo that arose from the second wave of French house, are bringing back a concentrate of everything that house music encloses (we will never say it enough) of polictical, social, utopian, and subversive matters. Read more.