Acid Washed
Acid Washed 1 (© Marco Dos Santos) Acid Washed 2 (© Marco Dos Santos) Acid Washed (© Marco Dos Santos) Acid Washed 6 (© Marco Dos Santos) Acid Washed 5 (© Marco Dos Santos) Acid Washed (© Marco Dos Santos)

Acid Washed “House Of Melancholy Remixed” including remixes by Miss Kittin, Bufi, Moscoman & Molécule. Exclusive downloads wil be available from the 18th October.

Soon to be released:

Acid Washed “Sound Of Freedom” Wilde Freiheit Compilation (Wilde). Release Date: 10.11.2014

Matthieu Besset “Another Day On” Acid Washed remix (Lifelike). Release Date: 14.11.2014

*Museum “Like A Ghost” Acid Washed Remix (Space Factory). Release Date: 12.01.2015




1. Heretic – A Curse (Adobe)
2- Andrew Claristidge “Dancing Plague” (Mille Feuilles)
3- Nhar “Coral Caves ” (My Favorite Robot Records)
4- WPAC “Falklands War” (Battery Park)
5- Moscoman “Rerotica” (I Am A Cliché)
6- Tin Man “Ode” (Absurd Recordings)
7- C.P.I. “Proceso” (Hivern Disc)
8- The Emperor Machine “RMI Is All I Want” Erol Alkans extended rework remix (Southern Fried Records)
9- La Mverte “Through the circles” (HMS)
10- Bottin – “All for one” (with Rodion) (Bearfunk)


Did you know ? Voguing, which gained mainstream exposure through Malcolm McLaren or Madonna, owes a little of its fortune to France : since the late eighties, this underground movement born in the Harlem ballroom scene fascinated the very first missionaries of house music à la française, whether they’d be DJs, journalists or promoters. Around the world, most of the wonderful Queens of Vogue had a break through with their performances in music videos on MTV, but nowhere else other than in Paris did we take this New-­‐York gay and multicultural counter-­‐culture so seriously. It didn’t caught the attention of young producers nor rub off on the pavement of any other city. Therefore, it is without surprise that with their upcoming album « House of Melancholy », Acid Washed, a duo that arose from the second wave of French house, are bringing back a concentrate of everything that house music encloses (we will never say it enough) of polictical, social, utopian, and subversive matters. Read more.